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Latin American Forum of Cinema and Social Impact 

Latin American Forum of Cinema and Social Impact is a space for meeting, reflection and construction of social impact cinema networks for the impact producers, directors, organizations for audiovisual training, field researchers, training laboratories representatives and cultural support funds. 


Through the Forum, Taturana commits to strengthen experiences exchange with other field actors, as well as promote sustainable policies for the audiovisual, aligned with its function as a cultural asset.

The Forum is a local unprecedented initiative scheduled to take place annually. It is the result of a long trajectory of experiences that enhance the relationship between cinema and social impact in Latin America Latina being articulated to the partner organizations in Colombia and Mexico, respectively  Doccolabs and Ambulante


The first Latin American Forum of Cinema and Social Impact is a space for the confluence of learning and tools, for articulating a network of impact producers from the Global South, and for strengthening the field of cinema and social impact based on Latin American experiences. It is a reference laboratory for future ideas, challenges and lessons learned in the use of cinema as a transformation tool.

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