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platform and exhibitors network

Taturana Platform is a digital tool, in open source, which makes available films on relevant social issues to people and institutions hold self-organized exhibitions of these works in their territories (physical or digital!), followed or not by an activity, such as chats and debates.


The exhibitor mobilizes locally, articulates and carries out the exhibition/film debate. Each exhibitor becomes a partner, so that Taturana's network currently has more than 3,000 spaces registered on the platform.

This network is composed by cultural centers, film clubs, social institutions and movements, collectives, public and private schools, universities, cultural agents, public facilities and etc.; and it contributes to the democratization of cinema access and articulates circuits of social impact exhibition. The platform also builds a permanent schedule of public and free exhibitions, expands the circulation of films beyond traditional cinema windows and strengthens dialogues and debates on urgent social issues.

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