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Taturana Film Festival
for Democracy

Taturana Film Festival for Democracy takes place biannually since 2019, focused on dialogues and debates about democratic values, with dignity and social participation; equality; environmental, racial and gender justice; emancipation and freedom; commons and well-being; and others.


The conceptions of representativeness, the exercise of politics, the occupation of public space, the use of technologies and means of communication face several transformations and are in dispute in Brazil and around the world. In this context, there are many challenges to strengthen, build, rescue democratic practices and values that guarantee the social and existence rights of different groups.


The curatorship, composed in each edition by Taturana and the festival's partner organizations members, invests on cinema as a privileged tool to fight and break with hegemonic models of seeing, thinking and representing the other within a logic of oppression.


Seeing in another perspective, imagining, describing and reinventing yourself through cinema is a way of decolonizing imaginaries, interrogating the oppressive representation matrices and creating strategies for creating others, which instead of reducing, multiply the possibilities of existence considering the diversity and democracy.

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