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Communicator engaged in co-creative and multifocal practices of strategic communication development. For the past ten years, she has worked as a creative researcher, reporter, editor, planner, social media and publicist. She collaborated in at Diaspora Lab, Resistência Poética-Slam das Minas do Nordeste, De Hoje a Oito Literário Podcast, Jornal A Tarde, Secretaria de Cultura da Bahia, in the impact campaign of the film Limiar, among others. Currently, she collaborates on the Somos Prontas project, a partnership between Instituto Marielle Franco and Mulheres Negras Decidem, and writes for Hypeness in afroperspective. At Taturana, Adriane is communication assistant.

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Performer, art educator, producer and social mobilizer. She has degree in Journalism and Theatre and has a certificate in Klauss Vianna Technique. She is part of the Coletivo Teatro Dodecafônico (since 2008), where she researches the walking as an aesthetic and political practice and has carried out a series of plays and urban interventions in Brazil and Argentina. She is a member of the Projeto Mulheres Possíveis: corpo, gênero e encarceramento (since 2016). She was producer at the 1st and 2nd Taturana Film Festival and mobilizer in the social impact campaign of the films Quando a Morte Veste Farda (2022), As Mil Mulheres (2018), Casamento Infantil (2018), Realidade Visceral (2017).

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Carol Misorelli is Taturana’s Co-founder. She has a degree in Business administration and International Relations, has a Master's degree in Visual Anthropology, a graduate certificate in African history and she expert in group facilitation. She coordinates the Forum and Training area at Taturana and was responsible for the development of impact distribution strategies for films such as: Sem Pena (2015), ParaTodos (2016), Chega de Fiu Fiu (2018), Quero tua (re)volta (2019), Sementes: Mulheres Pretas no Poder (2020).

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She has a degree in Law from UCSal and studied Cinema and Audiovisual at UFRB. She is Co-founder of NordesteLAB, audiovisual articulation platform. Besides being  film club organizer, she has experience in executive production, distribution and articulation of partnerships, in a project such as the feature “Café com canela” (winner of the Petrobras award at the 50th Festival de Brasília). She accumulates several experiences as referees in public notices and, since 2017, she has been at the head of the Audiovisual Board of Fundação Cultural do Estado da Bahia. In 2021, she became member of Taturana Institute.

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Livia Almendary is Taturana’s Co-founder. She holds a degree in Journalism and History, a Master degree in Anthropology and she is PhD student in Post-Colonialisms at the Center for Social Studies (CES), Coimbra, Portugal. Her research is focused in Latin American youth and the construction of decolonial narratives through audiovisual, focusing on documentary. She works in Institutional Development and co-coordinates Taturana’s Project Center. She developed, among others, the impact strategies of the films América Armada (2021), Visionários da Quebrada (2019) and O Jabuti e a Anta (2018).




Rodrigo Díaz is audiovisual director and producer. He has experience in several technical roles acting in more than 20 features and 15 TV series, in various channels and platforms. He directed three fictional TV series and was Production Supervisor for the series “Samantha!” at Netflix. Three years ago, he changed his professional focus, investing in documentaries production and direction and also in creation and production of impact campaigns. He was an impact producer on the film “Limiar”. In 2020, he joins Taturana Institute and coordinates the institution's Project Center.


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